How does dropshipping with BrandsGateway work?

We have an automated solution for Shopify and WooCommerce. Once you have signed up for our dropship service, you will receive our Shopify or WooCommerce plugin along with our import instructions and tutorial videos. You simply select which categories to import and what markup you wish to add. Once there’s an order in your store, it’s automatically forwarded to our system and after you pay for it in your BrandsGateway account, it’ll be dispatched within 24 hours and sent to the final customer.

What are the key features of our plugin?

- Automatic import of all BrandsGateway’s inventory, including product images, product description, variations, SKU’s, quantities, and tags;
- Automatic upload & deletion of new and sold out products. This means that you won't need to manage your website’s inventory which minimizes the risk of selling out of stock items;
- Easily mapping our categories with yours;
- Configuration markup (%) resale price on every category;
- Order automation - There’s no need to email us the order information because we already see which product was sold and where we need to ship it to. All you need to do is log in to your BrandsGateway’s account and pay for all waiting orders;
- Rounding up the price - The last digit of the selling price will round up to "9" to have a cleaner look.

What are the costs of dropshipping with BrandsGateway?

We offer 3 main dropshipping packages that you can learn more about on
Order fees are composed of wholesale prices + shipping costs. You can check detailed shipping cost information on - Article 5.

How does the return policy work?

We accept returns within 14 days from the date of the package delivery. Please note that if the customer wants to return the product because of a change of mind or because they chose the wrong size/product, they will need to arrange a return shipment themselves and carry the costs for it. . If your customer wants to return the product due to our mistake in wrong size/product or because the product was faulty or damaged, we will carry the costs of the return shipment. Once we receive the returned item, we’ll refund the wholesale cost of the item.

I don't have a VAT number, can I still dropship with you?
Yes you can, we do not require you to have a registered business.

What are the benefits of paying for the BrandsGateway Dropship Service?
- Access to over 8,000 unique luxury fashion products.
- Over 100+ worldwide fashion brands.
- Dedicated Account Manager - To receive marketing advice and website feedback
- Fully automated shopify and woocommerce plugins.
- Worldwide affordable rate shipping fees starting from 15EURO/17USD per warehouse order.
- High profit margins per sold item. Recieving same prices as bulk buyers
- 5 Star rated customer service experience

Are the products sold on BrandsGateway original?
The products sold on BrandsGateway are all 100% original, almost all the rest overstocks have been purchased directly from the brands, licensees or official distributors. We personally verify the authenticity and provenance of each product.
Every product has the original tag attached.

Do you have a minimum order amount for dropshipping?
No we do NOT, you can place any size amount and we will process that order.

What is the markup I can apply on BrandsGateway products?
That decision is up to the individuall dropshipper. Since drop shippers receive the same discount as bulk buyers you can do between 150%-400% markup. We suggest a markup of 200-280% on our wholesale prices.

How often does BrandsGateway receive new arrivals?
We upload in average 200-300 new arrivals every week within various categories. With our Shopify and Woocommerce plugin all new arrivals will be automatically uploaded to your online store.

How fast do your ship dropship orders? And will I receive a tracking number?
We usually have all orders dispatched within 24-48 hours of receipt of payment. and you will receive a tracking number for every order.

Has Covid19 impacted the delivery time?
In light of recent events, the shipping of your order may suffer delays compared to standard schedule. You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your order has been shipped from our vendor warehouse.

What happens if the recipient is absent at the time of delivery?
With FedEx, UPS and DHL, depending on the service chosen, the courier will try 2-3 times to deliver or take the products to a collection point where the recipient can pick up the order. All couriers, in case of non-delivery, leave a notice for the recipient with instructions on how to proceed to collect the package.

How much is shipping?

How are prices handled? How do I manage my markup?
BrandsGateway allows dropshippers to buy products from the website at a wholesale price. To secure the high profits for our dropshipper our minimum markup requriement addon is 150% "1.5" on our wholesale prices. To manage your markups simply set the appropriate markup rules managed in the BrandsGateway application.

Are new arrival products automatically uploaded to my site every time they became available on BrandsGateway?
Yes, with our shopify and woocommerce plugin all new arrivals are automatically uploaded to your store with the markup price you decided.

Are out of stock products automatically adjusted to my site every time they became unavailable on BrandsGateway?
Yes, our key feature with our shopify and woocommerce plugin is it offers real-time inventory synchronization. Minimizing the risk of selling out of stock goods.

Does BrandsGateway offer additional languages besides English?
Yes, we will soon offer the following languages to all our dropship partners: German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.

How do I pay for dropship orders sent via APIs and Plugins?
Automatically: By accessing the "My Orders” from your profile section, you can select the order you wish to pay for and click on "Pay Now".
Manually: Search for the product SKU or Title on BrandsGateway and proceed with the normal checkout process, by providing your customer details in the shipping fields.

Note: If you are registered on the website, you can see wholesale prices and sizes to check our inventory. Another thing is that the import is done by categories (not by brands or sizes). Here there are some pictures of such a category mapping as well as of how items are shipped.

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