What countries do you ship to?

We provide worldwide shipping at a rate starting from 15€/17$.

What are your shipping costs?

How much does it cost to ship to the UK?

The shipping from Sweden and the USA to the UK costs 15 euros. The shipping from Italy and Germany to the UK costs 30 euros as, at the moment, DHL is no longer allowed to enter the UK by road, due to the mutation of COVID-19 on the UK territory.
Therefore from now on, we can only offer you to ship with DHL Express Worldwide to the UK, but DHL Economy will not be available anymore.

Where are your products stored?

We have warehouses at several locations across the globe. To emphasize, Michael Kors products are stored in our warehouse in Minnesota, USA, our sunglasses and watches are stored in the warehouse in Germany. The products from D&G and a few other brands are stored in Jonkoping, Sweden, while most of the other Italian brands are stored in our warehouse in Italy.

Can I use my own shipping label?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide this service to avoid any errors.

What post services do you ship with?

Our shipping and delivery services are supported by FedEx, DHL, and UPS.

Can I select the post service for my order?

You can choose between Economy and Express shipping but it’s not possible to choose the courier. For products that are shipped from the warehouses in Germany and Italy, we use DHL. When it comes to products that are shipped from the warehouse in Sweden and the USA, we use either UPS or FedEx.

How much time does the delivery take?

The delivery depends on the location. It takes 24-48 hours to dispatch the product + 3-5 business days within the EU, or 5-7 business days outside the EU.

Is the package insured?

Lost or damaged packages are insured a maximum amount of 30€ unless agreed upon differently from the buyer and added as a note when making a purchase. Extra insurance can be purchased.

What happens if a parcel gets stopped at customs?

We provide all the necessary documentation for customs, however, customs fees, if there are any, should be paid by the final customer.

How can I track my parcel?

Once the order changes its status to ‘Completed’, you can find a tracking number in your BrandsGateway account, under the ‘Orders’ section.

Why isn’t my tracking number working?

After a shipping label is created, the tracking information is unavailable in the first few hours. It’s added a few hours later.

Is a signature required when receiving an order?

It varies per country of destination and the courier as due to Covid-19 a contactless delivery is demanded.

My customer hasn’t received an order. What should I do?

First, they should contact their neighbors as sometimes a package is received by a neighbor when the recipient is not at home. In case they haven’t received the parcel, we’ll contact the courier to investigate the case further.

Is it possible to personalize the package?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer personalization services, however, we can ship orders to you so you can personalize them before sending them to the final customer.

Do you put your company name on the package or an invoice inside?

When shipped within the EU, we don't include our company name, only the warehouse address. Outside the EU, we are obliged to provide an invoice by the EU customs rules but it's electronic and not shown to the final customer. So only our address is mentioned on the package.
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