Why are my Shopify collections not displayed in ShopWoo?

In ShopWoo only Shopify ‘Manual collections’ are displayed. You can check ‘How to create manual collections’ on https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/collections/manual-shopify-collection. ‘Automated collections’ are not displayed in ShopWoo, to import products to your Shopify you will need to have at least one ‘Manual collection’ in your store where to upload products. After the import is completed, you can filter products through ‘Automated collections’ by tags, titles, product type, etc.

How can I show the discount off on my shop/remove a sale bage?
Sale and Bage are features of your Shopify theme, you can check https://www.blackbeltcommerce.com/shopify-how-to-show-percentage-discount-saved/ and https://support.weareunderground.com/article/144-how-to-hide-sale-icons

Is it possible to import certain products and/or brands?
The import is done by categories, therefore it’s not possible to import only certain products or brands. However, once the total import is completed, you can filter products by type/brands in ‘Automated collections’. For additional information, check: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/collections/automated-collections/auto-select .

How can I remove a certain brand and its products from my store?
The best way is to hide the collection filtered by brands as it allows to automatically hide newly added products of a certain brand without publishing it in the store. You can also set up a publishing date, for example, for seasonal products (flipflops, shorts, etc). Follow the steps below:

In the Shopify ‘Admin Panel’, select ‘Collections’ and open a collection you want to set a publish date for;

Scroll down and search for ‘Visibility’;

To hide a collection, choose the ‘Hidden’ button;

When you are done – click ‘Set a specific publish link and choose the date/time, when you would like the collection to be published and press the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.

Is it possible to delete a product from a Shopify store?
If a certain product was included in the categories integrated into ‘Category Mapping’ and deleted, it will be restored once the system updates. In this case, it’s more secure to change its visibility. Follow the steps below:
Log into your Shopify ‘Admin Panel’ and navigate to the ‘Products’ section;
Click a product name to edit a product;
Locate the ‘Visibility’ section, and check/uncheck the ‘Online Store’ box to show or hide a product from your website;
Press the ‘Save’ button to save your changes.

You can also use Bulk actions to show or hide multiple products on the website. Follow the steps below:

Log into your Shopify ‘Admin Panel’ and navigate to the ‘Products’ section;
In the left column, you need to check the products you wish to hide from the website;
Click the ‘Bulk actions’ button above;
Choose the ‘Hide selected products’ option in the drop-down list to hide your selected products from the website;
Choose the ‘Publish selected products’ option in the drop-down list to show your selected products on the website.

I did ‘Category Mapping’, but the products are not added to my store. What could be the issue?
Shopify has a limit for the number of products created per second so it can take up to 1 hour for the import to be completed. You can check the progress on the ‘Dashboard’ in ShopWoo.

I received an order in my Shopify Store. What are the next steps?
You need to access your BrandsGateway account on https://brandsgateway.com/. In the section ‘Orders’ you will see an order number and options to pay or cancel the order.

How can I cancel an order if it’s not been shipped yet?
If you haven’t paid for it yet, simply cancel the order in your BrandsGateway account, in the section ‘Orders’. If you have already paid for it, but the status is ‘Processing’, you can contact support@brandsgateway.com to cancel the order and have it refunded.

Are color variants displayed as the same product or are they added separately?
All products are created in your Store in the same way they are displayed on our website. Color variants will be added as individual products.

How can I edit pictures, titles, descriptions, and/or prices?
You can do it by editing single products in your Shopify Store or by doing it in bulk. For more information, check: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shopify-admin/productivity-tools/bulk-editing-products. If you edit a product and want to keep changes saved, you need to disable settings of synchronization in ShopWoo. Simply disable the settings for what you’ve changed.

Why are the prices not displayed correctly
You need to check the price rounding settings you selected before the import.

In case you want to change them, you need to run an integrity check and once it’s finished, the products will be updated with the new price.

I started an integrity check but there are no changes. What could be the issue?
An integrity check takes around 20 min on average. Once it’s finished, the products will be updated.

How will I know when my order is shipped and its tracking number?
Once the order is paid, its status changes to ‘Processing’. We will notify you about this by email. After it’s completed, we will contact you by email with a tracking number. BrandsGateway doesn’t communicate with the final customer, therefore all notifications are sent to you. Additionally, in your BrandsGateway account, in section ‘Orders’, you can check your order status, its tracking number, and view an invoice.

I have products out of stock in my store. How can this be fixed?
This happens if your domain didn’t respond and the system update failed. You need to run an integrity check and once it’s finished, the products will be put in a queue to get updated.

A product that is out of stock gets deleted from my Shopify Store. However, I want to keep it in my store so the customer can view it again after the purchase.

In ShopWoo settings disable ‘Deleting out of stock items’.

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