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Category Mapping for Shopify users using manual collections

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Category Mapping is needed for the import of our products to your store. Once accessed BrandsGateway's app > Settings > Category Mapping, you can select our category layout on the left (what you want to import) and connect to your Shopify manual collections on the right. Products from selected categories will be imported to your store.

Note: Only Shopify Manual collections will be displayed on Shopwoo. You need at least one manual collection for the import of our products to your Shopify store.

There are two options to import our products to your Shopify store using manual collections.

You can choose to import the products manually by adding mappings. Map BrandsGateway's categories Retailer Category with your Shopify Manual collections - Dropshipper Category.

Select the option to 'Select All Categories' which will duplicate all BrandsGateway's categories, and then you can map them with your Shopify Manual collections.

Choose a markup per category, and add a fixed shipping value (optional) to each category.
The products from the selected categories will be imported into your Shopify store.

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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