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How to navigate your Dashboard inside BrandsGateway's app - Wix users

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Under the dashboard you can find information about products, orders, last imports, etc.

The Total number represents the total number of products that are imported to your store.
Under Create, you can find the total number of products that are yet to be imported to your store.
In case you done some changes to your store, such as updating the markups, brand filter, vendor filter, or you deleted some of the categories, you can find the number of products that will be under Update and Delete.

On the right side of the Dashboard, you can find your last 100 imports.

Below you can find information about your total number of orders and your last orders.


Under the Orders section, you can find all information about your orders. Please, note that the orders must be finalized through your BrandsGateway Account.

You can review our tutorial about placing orders here.


Under Settings, you can always come back and change any of the previously set settings.

You can review our tutorials below.

Category Mapping
Attribute Mapping
Brands Filter
Vendors Filter
Integrity Check
Compatibility Check
Synchronization Settings
General Settings

Updated on: 04/04/2023

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